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ZeroOne fuels the growth of businesses and startups through international expertise and local insights, emphasizing Digital Transformation, Cyber Security, and Technology Strategy.

Committed to innovation and creativity, we focus on a client-centric model that tailors solutions to individual needs. We actively engage in collaborative co-creation, leveraging cross-continental expertise to offer diverse perspectives and insights. We emphasize tech excellence, agility, and adaptability, forming strategic partnerships and networks in Europe, the MENA region and Africa to drive growth and stay at the forefront of industry trends.

Collaboration Co-Creation
Client-Centric Impact
Cross-Continental Excellence

Empowering young professionals and boosting businesses to foster technological advancement, we bridge the gap between Europe and Africa. We deliver outstanding solutions in digital transformation, cybersecurity, and innovation, creating a global impact through collaboration, creativity, technology and excellence.

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Technological Advancement

To be a leading force in the technology and innovation ecosystem, driving positive change. We envision a connected world where the exchange of knowledge and expertise between continents leads to local impact and business growth. Our vision is to be the go-to partner for all companies seeking transformative solutions while actively contributing to the development of a vibrant and inclusive digital future.

Transformative Solutions

A Few Of Our Trusted Partners

At ZeroOne we can be your strong partner

Whether you are a startup, an enterprise, a Business Angel or a VC, together we can establish a tailored partnership to support you with added value for your business and your portfolios.

Your Technology Partner

ZeroOne, your go-to for comprehensive IT support – from infrastructure and service management to software engineering and cybersecurity.

Your Technical Cofounder

We engage deeply with startups, guiding and executing their tech strategies to ensure business success, offering essential technical and operational expertise.

Your Technical Investment Advisor

We guide investors on tech ventures and support startups in maximizing investment impact for technology scaling and organizational growth.

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Meet Our Team Who Are Driving Force Behind Our Whole Activities

Our team is known for its passion for pushing boundaries, a commitment to excellence, and an open-minded approach to exploring new ideas. We embrace creativity and a forward-thinking mindset.

Abdel El-Boujattoui
Selcuk Davutoglu
Managing Director
Ahmed Abdel-Aziz​
Director DX & Cyber Security​
Asmaa Ibrahim Ali
HR & Admin Manager
Hamid Driouch
Business Relationship Manager
Fatima Ezahra Abraim
Head of Sales & Marketing
Faissal Lachhab
Lead Product Owner
IIyas Zaghloul
Business Operations Manager
Said Zejjari
Senior Technology Consultant
Julia Venn
Business Development Manager
Nemia Hlou
Intern - Cyber Security
Nour El-Deen
Admin Service
Ogaga Adjaro
Technical Team Lead
Olakunbi Oshin
HR Manager
Mohammed Ajayi
Senior Digital marketer
Michael Ajetunmobi
Senior tech sales specialist
Henry Onuwahbagbe
IT support officer
David Alli-Johnson
Lead Product Designer

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